“Property investing starts and continues with education.”
-Dean Parker

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This course will teach you how to find renovation deals in today’s market with $25k – $60k of profit per property.

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Discover COVID-19’s REAL impact to property prices and rents in Australia and the actions you should be taking right now to protect yourself!
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Dean Parker’s checklist and spreadsheet approach really helped me redraw the equity for my renovation. Great learning for my future investment.


Dean practices and has honed what he preaches.  His outstanding knowledge or property investing that he imparts during his seminar would take years to learn.  A great presenter, the day just flew by. Thanks again Dean.

Jessie B.

Dean is a good speaker and I felt a personal connection as he gave real examples and real struggles that he has experienced

Daryl N.

Dean provided some great insights and tools to enable us to go into our investing journey with the knowledge & systems to succeed.  His wealth of knowledge and experience is invaluable.

Rachel E.

He gives you the confidence to do it yourself. If you are a newbie and you are going to go see anyone, go


Start learning, get renovating , begin earning

-Dean Parker
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