Ready to Renovate and Profit in 2020?

Do you want to make more money and have a better life?

Back in 2005, my fiancee Elise and I, were both full time IT professionals, were renting and had two financed cars.  Trust me, we were feeling the same frustration.  We were working long hours, were unhealthy and had a poor quality of life.

We had dabbled in all sorts of investing but couldn’t find anything that allowed us to fast track our success.

That is until we starting undertaking quick and simple cosmetic property renovations.  It wasn’t long before I was able to quit my day job, and focus on achieving our goal of creating a better life.

Since then, we have renovated 230 properties all over Australia and New Zealand.   On average over the last 15 years, that works out to renovating a property every 24 days!  We’ve made millions of dollars in the process, and now I want to teach you how you can renovate for profit too.

Don’t worry if you’re new to investing, don’t have any money or don’t know how to hold a hammer, our proven system for renovation success assumes you know nothing and reveals how investors of all abilities can make great profits right now!

Join me in Sydney, and I’ll show you how to make
maximum profits, with minimum risk using our
practical, proven & highly profitable step-by-step system

The Top 5 Things You Will Learn:

Why renovating is and will continue to be the best property investment strategy in 2020
How to renovate and make lump sum cash profits of $25k – $60k per property
How to renovate and create equity & ongoing positive cash flow
How to renovate and buy & hold investment properties with little or no cash
How to renovate and increase the value and income of your existing portfolio

PLUS I’ll share what, where and why I’ve just bought $3.5m in reno deals


What I Will Cover At This Intensive 1-day Workshop…

Step 1 – Understanding the Basics
  • Types of renovations

  • How to maximise profit

  • Understanding the Numbers

  • Importance of valuations

  • Exit strategies

  • Permits & Legalities

Step 2 – Deal & Self Preparation
  • Your Profit Goals

  • Your Role

  • Budgeting & Cash Flow

  • Accounting & Taxation

  • Structures

  • Banking & Finance

Step 3 – Finding an Area
  • Finding areas based on the cash you have

  • Finding areas based on your profit goal

  • Short listing areas best suited for profit

  • Area due diligence

  • Becoming an Area Specialist

  • Understanding Target Markets

Step 4 – Finding a Property
  • Real Estate Agent relationships

  • Property filtering tools

  • Property inspections

  • Identifying low and no return items

  • Property due diligence

  • Determining End Selling Price

Step 5 – Buying a Property
  • Offers and Due Diligence clauses

  • Negotiation & acceptance

  • Property Due Diligence

  • Calculating your Renovation Budget

  • On completion valuations

  • Settlement and final inspection

Step 6 – Renovating a Property
  • The renovation process

  • Items that provide maximum value

  • Regulations & Safety

  • Managing your team

  • Managing your budget

  • Materials and suppliers

Step 7 – Selling a Property
  • Refinancing to release equity

  • Exit strategies

  • Preparing for Sale

  • Property Styling

  • Marketing

  • Agent selection, sale options & fees

Step 8 – Becoming a Renovator
  • Creating more time

  • Finding cash / equity to invest

  • Joint ventures

  • How to access other people’s money

  • Transitioning to full time


Listen to what past attendees had to say…


Listen to what Best Selling property author Steve McKnight has to say


Case Studies

We’ve renovated all kinds of property in many different locations! Big cities, small country town and everything in between. Let me share with you a couple of case studies of what we’ve done and what I’ll be teaching you how to do. We will walk through before and after photos, the renovation budgets and the profits made.

Case Study 1: Buy an investment property with only $5,000

We were able to get a short term loan from a family member for 8 weeks allowing us to renovate prior to settlement and settle and hold with only $5k of our own money.

Case Study 2: Entry level renovation flip for $30k

Perfect for when we were starting out, we were in and out of these deals within months for handy little lump sum cash profits.

Case Study 3: Advanced deal for $300k

We were completing block renovations before the show was on TV.  In and out in around 6 months for six figure profits.

Case Study 4: Advanced hold to create $500k+ of equity

This retail reno not only created some incredible equity but also a $100k on going cash flow.


Some Before & After Examples

Holiday Inn – Sydney Airport
Corner of O’Riordan Street & Bourke Rd,
Mascot   NSW   2020

Sunday 24th November 2019
9:00am – 5:00pm
(Registration at 8:30am)

Single Ticket Price For Full Day Of Training – $97.  As a bonus, your partner can come for free.
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If by lunch time you do not believe you have already received incredible value for money, we’ll refund you double the price of your ticket ($194).